Improve Your School’s OFSTED Literacy Rating

“Inspectors…will consider the extent to which the school intervenes to provide support for improving pupils’ literacy, especially those pupils at risk of underachieving.”  OFSTED

School-wide literacy

What is more important than school-wide literacy? Literacy is at the heart of most subjects and it is a paramount skill for individuals to progress in life. All subjects’ marks are affected by reading and writing ability. Embedding literacy skills into all subjects across the curriculum will reinforce and accelerate students’ learning development. Enhancing literacy is important for OFSTED, but regardless of measures, literacy is a fundamental life skill.

How does OFSTED consider literacy?

OFSTED’s new literacy framework underlines the significance of providing opportunities to practice literacy skills within all subjects and areas of the curriculum. OFSTED Inspectors need to see evidence of school wide literacy initiatives being applied. While schools are under pressure to demonstrate their impact on the local community, the need for a good OFSTED rating is more important than ever. Anything a school can do to impress inspectors to demonstrate how it is improving a whole-school literacy.

Simple software can help your school

Each department can tailor WordQ SpeakQ’s lexicon to their particular subject and create syllabus based vocabulary for all levels. Software also allows students to read and edit text easily, saving valuable time and effort. It is helping individuals and schools across the country to accelerate literacy levels, but it’s not ‘cheating’ is simply empowering and time saving:

Simple actions to start with:

  1. Book a free online webinar: book@assistiveitsolutions.com
  2. Download a trial version of WordQ here
  3. Call us for a bespoke School-wide Literacy Plan on 020 3519 8000